Sun and pollen allergy - symptoms and treatment

Sun and pollen allergy - symptoms and treatment

Aleksandra Uruszczak-Wąsowicz (MPharm)

Especially in spring when the air is warmer and we crave sun and uncover our bodies to bright sunshine – we should be careful due to the risk of idiopathic photodermatosis – that is sun allergy. Spring is also the beginning of a very common seasonal allergy: pollen allergy.
Sun allergy – symptoms:
Sun sensitisation appears about 24 or 48 hours after exposing the body to the sun (but in some cases a skin rash can appear immediately). The symptoms are: urticaria – red, itchy blisters in the areas of the skin which were exposed to the sun.
Photodermatosis prevention involves avoiding sudden and prolonged exposure to the sun, particularly if we are not accustomed to it yet. It is important to let the skin acclimatise to the sun, e.g. by exposing the body for a few minutes every day. Additionally we should apply suitable sun screen with UV filters.
Pollen allergy – symptoms:
allergic rhinitis,
conjunctivitis ,
allergic asthma,
skin rash ,
general malaise, irritation,
Treatment is in the form of desensitisation and taking anti-allergic medication – depends on the specific area of allergy and can be taken orally, inhaled or applied locally.
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