What is a cross-allergy

What is a cross-allergy

Aleksandra Uruszczak-Wąsowicz (MPharm)

A cross-allergy often affects allergic people, especially those who have pollen allergy. These people get the same symptoms as those after contact with plant pollens when they eat vegetables or fruit.
A cross-allergy, in other words, has the same allergic symptoms after contact with different allergens. It is caused by similarity of allergens and their incorrect identification by the immune system. As a consequence it appears like a typical allergic reaction, even though the body has had no contact with real allergic substances.
A cross-allergy – an example:
We can picture a cross-allergy in the case of patient who has a birch pollen allergy. This patient can have similar allergy symptoms after eating fruit (apple, cherries, pear) or vegetables (carrot, celery).
Cross-allergies – other examples:
a grass pollen allergy – similar allergy symptoms can appear after eating carrot, apple, kiwi,
peanut allergy – similar allergy symptoms can appear after eating soya.
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