How effective is homeopathy as a cure for an allergy

How effective is homeopathy as a cure for an allergy

Aleksandra Uruszczak-Wąsowicz (MPharm)

There is a continuous discussion between advocates and opponents of natural treatment methods: is homeopathy an effective measure? Can we treat an allergy by homeopathic medicinal products?
Homeopathy and allergies
Homeopathy is a type of alternative medicine which is based on taking the substances which cause similar effects to our condition. These substances are applied in heavily diluted form. Currently we still have no scientific proof how homeopathy can cure an illness.
Advocates of allergy treatment with homeopathy can be found among authors of popular books about natural medicine. As proof of homeopathy’s effectiveness they give only their own convictions or examples “taken from life”.
In scientific research you cannot find publications which prove the effectiveness of allergy treatment by homeopathic methods. According to laboratory tests the effectiveness of homeopathy products is comparable to that of taking a placebo.
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