What are the results of lower immunity

What are the results of lower immunity

Aleksandra Uruszczak-Wąsowicz (MPharm)

The immune system protects the body from diseases. Its function is to battle against microbes and watch out for new abnormal cells. These could be the beginning of cancer. The immune system endeavours to find them and eliminate them a controlled way.
The results of lower natural immunity are: increased susceptibility to infections and diseases. When immunity is weak, cold sores can appear on the lips. It is also easier to catch a cold, viral infections of the upper respiratory tract, bacterial diseases such as tonsillitis or pharyngitis. Lower immunity is the reason why we get the following infections: cystitis, urethritis; and women often develop inflammations (fungal or bacterial) of the labium and vagina. The result of these diseases, especially when they remain untreated and last for a long time can be progressively weakened immunity. This, in turn, can trigger the development of illnesses in the internal organs, which are particularly dangerous to health.
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