Home remedies to treat the common cold, influenza and throat infections

Home remedies to treat the common cold, influenza and throat infections

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 It is not difficult to catch an infection in the autumn-winter period. Variable weather, a weakened immunity system and contact with sick people make us much more susceptible to infections of the upper respiratory tract in that period.

Both the common cold and influenza are caused by a viral attack on a weakened immune system. Although the symptoms of the common cold and influenza are not identical, differ in the speed of development, intensity and the duration of the symptoms, you may use proven home remedies both for the common cold, influenza and a typical throat infection. Home remedies are great for treating the symptoms of infection of the upper respiratory tract.

If you suffer from fever, use lime tea, which will induce sweating and reduce fever. An effective home-made method for treatment of fever is taking a bath in cool water and applying cool compresses on the forehead and the groin area.

A persistent, watery or thick rhinitis, usually accompanying the common cold, may be quickly fought by rinsing the nose with a solution of sodium chloride (to be purchased in pharmacies over the counter) or a nasal spray solution of sea salt. Inhalations with the addition of essential oils (eucalyptus oil, pine oil, tea tree oil) also have a moisturising effect on the dried and irritated nasal mucous membrane. Inhalations facilitate breathing and relieve the symptoms of inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.

An excellent home remedy for throat infections are saline or sage brew rinses which can be gargled as they have an antibacterial effect, alleviating strong pain.

A light diet, drinking large amounts of warm liquids, rich in vitamin C (for example tea with raspberry syrup) and lying in bed will also help treat both the common cold and influenza quickly and effectively.

If you use home remedies for the common cold and the symptoms of the infection are becoming more severe or last longer than 3-4 days, consult a physician.

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