Ginger, honey and garlic - natural remedies for the common cold

Ginger, honey and garlic - natural remedies for the common cold

Małgorzata Kruk (MPharm)

 When you catch the common cold, namely a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, you can use the medicinal power of nature, besides using medications from a pharmacy. Did you know that ginger, honey, and garlic are effective, natural remedies for the common cold which will allow you to quickly and effectively fight the infection?

Ginger – is known for its painkilling and anti-inflammatory properties. It is perfect for treating the common cold because it also has expectorant properties facilitating the expectoration of the secretion lingering in the bronchi. Ginger warms the body up, relieves shivering and helps fight fever. You can buy ginger powder in a grocery store in the aisle with spices. A pinch of ginger added to tea makes it aromatic and warms one up.
Honey – has a germicidal and a bacteriostatic effect, namely it inhibits both the development and the growth of pathogenic bacteria. You can use its properties in treating infections of the upper respiratory tract by eating honey or adding it to warm milk, thus making a tasty and healthy drink.
Garlic is a natural antibacterial and antiviral medication which additionally has a beneficial effect on the immune system. In seasons of increased cases of the common cold and influenza, eat fresh garlic or take tasteless garlic capsules. As a result, you will strengthen your body’s immune system and protect yourself against attacks from viruses and bacteria.

Ginger, honey, and garlic are natural, supporting medications for the common cold. However, if the condition worsens, use anti fever combined products or consult a physician.
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