How to safely treat the common cold during pregnancy

How to safely treat the common cold during pregnancy

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 When you catch the common cold, you usually want to overcome the unpleasant effects as soon as possible. If you are pregnant, you will additionally want the treatment to be not only effective and quick but, most importantly, safe for your baby. Do you know how to safely treat the common cold during pregnancy?

Combined products available over the counter in pharmacies are not recommended for you. Use natural treatment remedies for the common cold which will be safe for you and your baby.

When you suffer from persistent rhinitis, firstly, make sure that you properly moisten the nasal mucous membrane. Use a nasal spray with a solution of sea salt or a 0.9% solution of sodium chloride (to be purchased in pharmacies over the counter) which will dilute the secretion and facilitate its removal. Make sure that there is high humidity in your house – turn on an air humidifier or place a bowl of water near a warm radiator.

In order to fight fever, drink warming lime tea which acts induces sweating and reduces a high body temperature. If the temperature is really high, you may use paracetamol in exceptional cases.

A sore throat is an especially onerous problem. However, virtually all lozenges for a sore throat are not recommended for pregnant women. Gargle with a solution of salt or with sage brew in order to alleviate the strong pain and fight the bacteria.

A cough may also appear in the course of the common cold. If it is wet (productive), use syrup from ribwort plantain or ivy. If the cough is dry and tiring without secretion, use syrup from common marshmallow.

If the symptoms for the common cold increase or last more than 3-4 days, consult a physician in order to safely treat the common cold during pregnancy.

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