Vaccination - effective preventative measures for influenza

Vaccination - effective preventative measures for influenza

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 Influenza, namely a viral inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, attacks a lot of people every year, especially in the season of reduced body immunity. Influenza is caused by viruses from the Orthomyxoviridae family. Type A virus is especially dangerous to man, due to the heavy course of the disease, troublesome symptoms and the risk of complications which endanger not only the health but also the life of the infected person.

Therefore, in order to protect yourself against becoming sick with influenza, it is worth getting vaccinated against influenza in the autumn.

How often should you get vaccinated?

Due to frequent mutations of the influenza virus, the vaccinations should be repeated every year, in autumn, in October at the latest.

Is the vaccine against influenza effective?

Vaccination against influenza is one of the most effective methods of protection against influenza. However, due to frequent mutations of the virus, it is extremely difficult to exactly define the strain of the virus which may cause a series of cases in the coming year. Every year, the World Health Organization works on creating the most "current" vaccine against influenza.

What are the contraindications to get vaccinated against influenza?

The basic restriction to getting influenza vaccination is the allergy to egg white or other components of the vaccine, an existing infection and undesirable side effects after vaccination in previous years.

Are there any undesirable side effects after vaccination?

Hypersensitivity (pain, redness where the injection was given) and harmless, quickly receding symptoms similar to those of influenza can appear after the vaccine is given.

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