How to relieve a persistent cough at night

How to relieve a persistent cough at night

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 When you suffer from a persistent cough during the common cold, have difficulties falling asleep and, instead of a peaceful sleep – you wake up at night because of intensive attacks of coughing, it is worth using home remedies for treating the cough or medications from a pharmacy in order to sleep through the night.

If the infection is accompanied by a dry, non-productive cough, you may use syrups or lozenges with dextromethorphan, codeine or butamirate. Herbal syrups, containing the common marshmallow or ribwort plantain are also effective treatments for a tiring cough at night.

However, if your infection proceeds with a productive cough, a thick secretion irritating the respiratory tract lingers in the bronchia, remember to use medications to dilute the secretion (with ambroxol or bromhexine) and with an expectorant effect during the day (with guaiacolsulfonate or guaifenesin) which allows the respiratory tract to be cleared from lingering mucus secretions. It is essential that the expectorant syrups or lozenges for a wet cough be used no later than 5 p.m. so that you can fall asleep at night.

It is not advisable to treat a wet cough, using cough medications which inhibit coughing reflexes (with dextromethorphan, butamirate) because the thick secretions lingering in the respiratory tract may trigger an infection. In order to sleep peacefully, you need to ensure the air in the bedroom is properly humidified and drink at least 2 litres of liquids daily in order to increase the effectiveness of medications for a wet cough.

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