What are the most common causes of a dry cough

What are the most common causes of a dry cough

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 A persistent, suffocating, dry cough lowers the mood during the day, does not let you fall asleep, and wakes you up at night. Without doubt, it can be a source of anxiety. You can use syrup or lozenges for a dry cough in order to temporarily alleviate this tiring problem.

A dry, persistent cough is usually one of the symptoms of the common cold and medications used in treating the infection can fight it quite rapidly. However, if the trouble intensifies or lasts significantly longer, find out what the most common causes of a dry cough are before using another cough medication.

The most common causes of a dry, persistent cough include:
viral infections – a cough is usually one of the first symptoms of the common cold. It often appears at the end of the infection,
allergens - a cough may be triggered by an allergy (aero and food allergy),
irritation of the upper respiratory tract by cigarette smoke or cold air,
foreign bodies in the respiratory tract, namely choking, which can be a danger to health and life,
chronic diseases of the respiratory tract, including bronchial asthma,
certain medications (the so-called bradykinin cough when using medications for hypertension from the angiotensin II inhibitor group (sartan drugs - for example valsartan, losartan),
air pollution,
low air humidity.

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Reasons for buying medication on the internet

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