Home remedies for treating a cough

Home remedies for treating a cough

Małgorzata Kruk (MPharm)

 When you catch an infection of the upper respiratory tract, a persistent, convulsive cough is a very frequent problem. The cough tires you during the day and does not let you sleep peacefully at night. In this situation the ideal solutions are not only medications found in a pharmacy. Home remedies used for generations to treat coughs can deal perfectly with both wet and dry cough. Try proven home remedies today to ensure treating a cough is quick and, most importantly, effective.

Firstly, evaluate whether your cough is dry, the effect of respiratory tract irritation or wet – with expectorating thick mucus secretions. Depending on the type of cough – use appropriate home-made remedies to treat it.

If you suffer from a wet cough, use:
liquorice root decoction, (pour 1/4 glass of liquorice root with 2 glasses of water, boil for 10-15 minutes) which will act not only in an expectorant manner but will also alleviate the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract and will have an anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect. Remember not to use the liquorice root decoction during pregnancy, while breast feeding, if you suffer from serious diseases of the liver and kidneys and if you use diuretic medications. The root can reduce the level of potassium in the body;
garlic which will not only act in an expectorant manner but will also have an antibacterial and antiviral effect;
inhalations or thyme brews (add one spoon of thyme to freshly boiled water and boil for approx. 10 minutes) help expectorate the thick secretion and widen the bronchial muscles to facilitate breathing.

If you suffer from a suffocating, persistent, dry cough, use:
common marshmallow decoction (add a spoon of dried common marshmallow root to a glass of water and boil for approx. 10 minutes), which will coat the mucous membrane and alleviate a tiring, dry cough;
ribwort plantain brew (add two teaspoons of dried plantain leaves to a glass of hot water and brew for approx. 10-15 minutes), this will not only effectively fight the tiring cough but will also have an antibacterial effect;
flax seed with honey (add one spoon of flax seed to a glass of water, boil for approx. 10 minutes, allow to cool and add a spoonful of honey), this will also effectively alleviate a dry cough.

Regardless of the type of cough from which you suffer, remember that a perfect home remedy for a cough is also humidifying the air (use a humidifier or place a wet towel on a warm radiator) and drinking at least 2 litres of liquids daily.

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