How to relieve a cough during pregnancy

How to relieve a cough during pregnancy

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 In the autumn – winter period it is especially easy to catch the well-known common cold, a frequent symptom of which is a persistent cough. However, when you are pregnant, even an ordinary cough can become a serious problem.

Even when pregnant, you can still effectively relieve a persistent cough using proven home remedies.

When you suffer from a tiring dry cough, use syrups based on common marshmallow. They contain mucous substances which coat the mucous membrane of the throat, have a relieving effect and inhibit coughing reflexes.

In the case of an intensive, persistent cough, the physician may recommend using medications based on butamirate which inhibit coughing reflexes while at the same time mildly widening the bronchial muscles. Remember that butamirate is not recommended in the first trimester of pregnancy. On the other hand, in the second and third trimester and during breastfeeding, butamirate preparations are prescribed more often but only after an obligatory visit to a physician.

A wet cough, namely a productive cough, requires medications with both an expectorant and relaxant effect on the smooth muscles of the bronchi. The ribwort plantain or ivy syrup have such an effect. Removing the lingering secretion facilitates breathing and protects the body against the aggravation of infections.

Remember that cough medications with codeine are inadvisable in the first trimester of pregnancy. Moreover, you should not use them in the perinatal period, as there is a risk they can stop the newborn's breathing. Do not use medications based on dextromethorphan and guaiacol. If you have any doubts concerning the proper treatment for a cough – consult a physician.

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