Sinus pain - home remedies

Sinus pain - home remedies

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As a matter of fact there is a home treatment for every ailment. Their effectiveness is a dilemma for many doctors. Usually, there is no direct confirmation of their success or otherwise, but at the same time, patients regard them as the ideal solution. Are natural treatments for sinuses possible? What does a home treatment for sinuses look like?

Home sinus remedies, i.e. what to do to reduce pain?
It seems that the effectiveness of the following methods is possible to explain. Therefore, it is worth trying and checking individually if they work for you.
Inhalations for sinuses. This is the most popular method of unblocking the airways. For this treatment you can use the essential oils (pine, eucalyptus, peppermint), or herbal decoctions (chamomile, black elder, primrose). Sometimes inhalations with a salt solution are recommended.
Warm compresses. Applying warm compresses to the “sides” of a nose can facilitate the flow of mucus. Simultaneously, you can massage the nose which is supposed to get quicker results.
Air humidification. Dry air causes mucosa to dry. As a result it does not function correctly. Humid air stimulates mucus discharge, thereby increasing its flow.
Rinsing the nose with a salt solution. This procedure clears the sinuses and enhances the removal of the remaining discharge.
Teas, herbal mixes and drinking a lot may help to dilute discharge and hasten its removal.
Eating spicy food, especially with cayenne pepper and garlic. It dilutes mucus membrane discharge and improves the tissue blood supply.
Avoiding cigarette smoke. This is an extremely important way of helping troubled sinuses.
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