Sinus problems- treatment (pills or soluble powders for sinuses)

Sinus problems- treatment (pills or soluble powders for sinuses)

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How can we cure sinus conditions? Should you use medication in the form of pills or soluble powders? Or maybe a better solution is a nasal spray?

Sinus conditions – treatment
The kind of treatment should depend on the cause of the sinus inflammation. You have to remember that the inflammation is not always caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi, but it can also be a result of an allergy.

Sinus inflammation – self-treatment
Probably you often try to “heal” the affected sinuses yourself. Self-treatment may be an additional, supporting measure, e.g. inhalation, however, consulting a doctor is essential. You cannot state, without the help of a specialist, if the sinus inflammation is caused by an allergy or by an attack of pathogenic microorganisms (and if so then what kind are they?), since treatments for bacterial, viral and fungal infections differ accordingly. That is why you should let the doctor diagnose the cause of your sinus condition on the basis of symptoms and a medical examination.

Treating viral infections
If you are sure that the sinus problems are caused by a viral infection, you may decide on a course of anti-inflammatory medicine (containing, e.g. ibuprofen), which, at the same time, would help unblock the sinuses (containing, e.g. pseudoephedrine). Choosing a soluble powder will work faster than pills as it will be absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream.

Nasal drops and sprays for the sinuses mainly contain substances to thin the mucous membrane of the nose or facilitate its decongestion. However, they do not have any anti-inflammatory effect, thus, they would not reduce inflammation. Their function is only to unblock the airway. You must not forget that every medicine, containing xylometazoline, oxymetazoline or naphazoline, should not be used for more than 5-7 days consecutively, due to the way they work. After a course of several days these substances do not cause the contraction of mucus and reduction of discharge anymore, but rather a so-called “rebound effect”, meaning an actual increase in the production of mucus and increased nasal congestion.

Bacterial sinus inflammation
When a doctor is sure that your infection is caused by bacteria, he would prescribe the appropriate antibiotics. Moreover, just like in a case of viral infection, you can take the medication which has anti-inflammatory properties and unblocks the airway (thinning mucous, diluting discharge).

Treatment in case of allergy sufferers
Very often the allergy sufferer experiences problems connected with an obstruction and inflammation of the sinuses. In this case, the treatment is based on taking anti-allergy medication.
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