Rhinitis in children - effective treatment

Rhinitis in children - effective treatment

Małgorzata Kruk (MPharm)

 Rhinitis in children is a harmless but especially onerous trouble which usually accompanies a typical infection of the upper respiratory tract (the common cold).

The basic treatment for rhinitis in children consists of using simple nursing treatments, namely: humidifying the air and removing the mucus gathering in the child's nose (use a nasal aspirator in smaller children). Humidifying the nasal mucous membrane is also important (using a saline solution or sea water in a spray which can be purchased in pharmacies over the counter). It prevents the mucus from drying up and facilitates its removal from the body. .

You can use a medication with oxymetazoline to treat rhinitis in children older than 1 month . The preparation will reduce the fine blood vessels of the nasal mucous membrane, alleviating the feeling of nasal congestion and reducing the quantity of mucus produced. When a child is older you can use a similar medication with xylometazoline or a combination product for the common cold (with paracetamol, vitamin C and a rhinitis soothing substance). As an additional method of treating rhinitis in a child older than 3 years, you can use plasters with essential oils (to be attached to bedclothes or the child’s clothes), which will make breathing during the night easier. You can also use essential oils sprinkled on bedclothes or a piece of material hung next to the child's bed.

In order to ensure the child’s safety, before administering the medication always read the safety leaflet or ask the pharmacist whether the treatment may be administered to a child as young as yours.

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