Pneumonia in children - symptoms

Pneumonia in children - symptoms

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 Pneumonia in children is a bacterial infection (less frequently a viral one) of the lower respiratory tract, usually as a result of rhinitis or influenza which has not been fully treated. Due to the risk of a severe illness in small children and possible hazardous complications, it is worth knowing the typical symptoms of pneumonia in order to quickly consult a physician in the case of a suspected diagnosis.

Pneumonia in children produces typical symptoms. These are the most common:
rapidly increasing body temperature (fever can reach up to 40°C)
a quick pulse (more than 120 beats per minute),
visible weakness,
pain when breathing, difficulty in taking a full breath,
a cough producing dark brown phlegm,
a loss of appetite.

Remember not to underestimate the symptoms of the illness If you suspect your child has pneumonia – immediately consult a pediatrician.

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