Medication for bronchitis

Medication for bronchitis

Małgorzata Kruk (MPharm)

 Bronchitis is a common viral infection of the respiratory tract which attacks both children and adults, in periods of reduced body immunity.

At first, as a result of a viral infection, the cilium epithelium lining the walls of the respiratory tract is damaged. Damage to the epithelium fosters bacterial infections. As a consequence, fever occurs and the disease develops.

Bronchitis is a common disease and should not be underestimated. And, first of all, you should not treat it on your own. A diagnosed case of bronchitis requires medication.

The most often prescribed medication for bronchitis are:
expectorant medications – based on ambroxol, bromhexine, acetylcysteine which dilute the thick secretion lingering in the respiratory tract and facilitate its expectoration. Remember to use expectorant medications no later than 5 p.m. When you use expectorant medications, do not use cough medications. A cough medication will inhibit coughing reflexes and an expectorant medication will dilute the secretion. As a result, the secretion will linger in the respiratory tract. This increases the probability of a bacterial infection.
antibiotics – to fight bacteria which are responsible for the development of diseases.
diastolic medications – in the form of inhalers when bronchitis is accompanied by shortness of breath and breathing problems .
anti fever medications - based on paracetamol or ibuprofen which will reduce fever.
supporting medication and medication that boosts immunity – using probiotics (so-called "good bacteria") is recommended during antibiotic therapy; vitamin C and immunity boosting products (extract from Eastern purple cornflower, cod liver oil) are also used when treating bronchitis. Vitamin C shortens the duration of the infection and supplements deficiencies of the vitamin in the body.
Remember, treatment should be quick and effective, use all medication for bronchitis according to the physician's recommendations. Do not shorten the course of treatment; do not stop using the antibiotics. Successful treatment protects you against recurring infections and against possible complications from bronchitis.

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