What are the most common symptoms of bronchitis

What are the most common symptoms of bronchitis

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 When you catch an infection of the respiratory tract, you usually try to fight the unpleasant condition quickly, using combined products available over the counter in pharmacies and proven home remedies for the common cold and influenza. However, when the symptoms of the infection become stronger despite the treatment, or they simply do not subside for a long time – you usually start wondering whether this is a regular common cold or actual bronchitis.

The most common symptoms of bronchitis, i.e. an infection of the lower respiratory tract are:
feeling of weakness, general malaise, muscle and joint pain,
persistent cough – at the beginning it is dry and tiring, as the disease develops – it is combined with coughing up a thick secretion (white, yellow or green); sometimes developing into hemoptysis,
shortness of breath,
wheezing when breathing,
rhinitis and sore throat.

The most typical complaint is a persistent cough, changing throughout the course of the infection and wheezy breath. These allow one to distinguish bronchitis from the regular common cold. Knowledge of the most common symptoms of bronchitis will allow you to quickly diagnose the disease and begin an effective pharmacological treatment recommended by a physician, so as to protect yourself against the development of the disease and its possible complications.

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