Allergy to cat's hair, dust and house dust mite

Allergy to cat's hair, dust and house dust mite

Aleksandra Uruszczak-Wąsowicz (MPharm)

According to statistics about 30% of the population suffers from some form of an allergy. An allergy (in other words: sensitisation, hypersensitivity) is a disease in which the immune system reacts to substances which are safe for humans (allergens) by triggering an immune system defence. Allergies can have a mild course (e.g. skin rash, rhinitis) or dangerous anaphylactic shock.
Allergens are absorbed into the human body by inhalation, by contact with the skin or by consuming allergenic food. Pollen allergies appear most often and they are a type of a seasonal allergy.
An example of a all year round condition is an allergy to allergens at home: animal hair (e.g. cat or dog), dust – and more exactly to house dust mite and their excrements.
If a person is allergic to car hair, it is recommended not to keep a cat in the house.
A house dust mite allergy requires keeping your house clean. It is recommended to buy anti-allergy bedclothes, get rid of carpets and curtains, and use a vacuum cleaner with special filters.
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