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Fatigue and weakness
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Fatigue and weakness

Are you feeling tired or weak? What could be the possible causes?

It is a feeling of lacking energy (having little strength) to continue work. It can be caused by the intensive metabolism in the body. Metabolic changes take place due to saccharides (being essential reactants) which are used for energy production. »
Pills, vitamins -  what to take for fatigue
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Pills, vitamins - what to take for fatigue

Do you feel tired? Maybe you are missing some nutrients? What kind of supplements are effective for fatigue?

What to take for fatigue?

Supplements for fatigue should contain:
Vitamins and microelements (particularly magnesium) since they have an influence on many processes taking place in the body, including processes of the nervous and muscular system.
Ginseng – increases stamina.
Ginkgo biloba – enhances memory processes and makes memorising easier ( you spend less time on learning and, thereby, reduce your mental fatigue).

Constant (protracted, chronic) fatigue - symptoms
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Constant (protracted, chronic) fatigue - symptoms

Feeling constantly tired? Wondering why? Does a constant feeling of fatigue point to an underlying illness? What other symptoms might you have?

Constant (protracted, chronic) fatigue – symptoms
Chronic fatigue syndrome, the proper name of the above mentioned condition, is an alarming syndrome of many accompanying diseases. It manifests itself in feeling continuously tired - even just after waking up - lack of energy, difficulties in falling asleep, and apathy. If you have had such symptoms continuously for over half a year, it is recommended that you consult your doctor. »
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Reasons for buying medication on the internet

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