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Do you want to spend less money on medications? Now you can save up to a few hundred pounds a year by using the portal This is the first web portal in Great Britain that allows you to find the cheapest medication in pharmacies, with the same ingredient.

This innovative portal not only contains information about the most popular over-the-counter medications and diet supplements, but also the range of cosmetics available in pharmacies.

The portal allows you to find, for free, the cheapest medication or food supplements, containing the same ingredient, or, in other words, the same active substance.

In addition, if we take some medicine, but are not happy with the effects, we can look for medication with different ingredients to treat the same ailment on As a result we can avoid buying similar medication, sold under another brand name, but containing the same ingredient.

Now, you can save up to a few hundred pounds a year, depending on type of medication. If you take a lot of medication at the same time, the savings will be significant.


Immune system

Immune system

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