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Regulation on providing services by means of web portal from 15 September, 2012.

1. General provisions:
1.1. Web portal (hereinafter called "portal") is owned by
Vivamax Ltd.
02-765 Warsaw, Poland
Al. Wilanowska 41/41,
The corporation is listed in the register of entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for Warsaw, XIII Economic Department of National Court Register, under KRS (National Court Register) number 0000350742
NIP (Tax Identification Number): 521 356 95 02
REGON (Polish Register of Business Entities): 142331882
1.2. This regulation (hereinafter called "regulation") determines the detailed terms and conditions of providing services via the Internet, by means of the web portal, and the online shop.
1.3. If you have any remarks and questions related to this regulation, please send them by letter to the above address.
1.4. The regulation meets the requirements determined by the act from 18 July, 2002, on providing services via the Internet (Dz.U. (Official Journal of Laws) no. 144, item 1204 with subsequent changes) and is accessible throughout the time of the portal’s functioning.
1.5. It is presumed that every user, i.e. every natural or legal person using the portal on conditions determined by the regulation, has become acquainted with the contents of the regulation before using the Services of Vivamax Ltd. Accepting the terms of the regulation by the user is a condition for registration on the portal
1.6. The portal provides a wide range of services, broadly related to health protection, especially:
  • An information portal, containing the medications base, pharmacies base and informative articles, where the services performed by the information portal have an informative nature only and are related to general health protection (hereinafter called "information portal"),
  • An online shop, offering e-books and audio-books (hereinafter called "shop").

1.7. Each of the above mentioned services is subject to separate conditions, proper for a given service type. The conditions are described in detail in the following part of the regulation.

2. Shopping in the online shop:
2.1. The shop sells e-publications (hereinafter called "e-books"), which are sold to the users by giving them access to electronic versions.
2.2. The user’s registration in the shop is necessary to start shopping. For this reason, one has to fill in the registration form and provide an e-mail address.
2.3. The prices in the shop are gross prices, inclusive of VAT. The prices are given in pounds and are valid at the moment of placing an order by the user.
2.4. The e-books presented in the shop are the property of Vivamax Ltd.; Vivamax Ltd. is liable for their sale under general conditions.
2.5. Vivamax Ltd. reserves the right to introduce changes to the shop’s offer. The changes in offer are published on the shop website on a regular basis.
2.6. Presentation of an e-book in the shop, its description, picture and price, is not an offer itself, but just an invitation to place orders for a chosen product.
2.7. Entering into an agreement between Vivamax Ltd. and the user takes place at the moment of paying for the chosen product by the user.

3. Ordering in the shop and payment methods:
3.1. To place an order, one should click on the chosen e-book and choose the option "buy", and then take the subsequent actions on the basis of the displayed messages.
3.2. The user has the possibility of changing the order any time up to the moment of payment.
3.3. One can pay for the chosen e-book by credit card, fast transfer or regular transfer by e-payment service.
3.4. If a paid order cannot be fulfilled, the e-payment service will return the money to the user’s account.

4. Returns:
4.1. According to article 10, act 3, item 1, 4, and 5 of the Act from 2 March, 2000, on the protection of specific consumer rights and liability for damage caused by hazardous products (Dz.U. (Official Journal of Laws) no. 22, item 271 with subsequent changes), the user has the right to withdraw from a contract only if they have not downloaded the file, i.e. not used the link that allows them to download the purchased e-book.
4.2. After opening the file from the provided link, the user has no right to withdraw from a contract.

5. Complaints:
5.1. If, during the download, the user finds any technical faults in the e-book that make reading the file by means of the proper device (computer or reader with appropriate software) impossible, please contact us by e-mail on:, in order to lodge a complaint.
5.2. The complaints will be investigated within 14 working days from the date of receiving the complaint by Vivamax Ltd.
5.3. The user will be informed about the progress of the complaint procedure by means of the given e-mail address.

6. Using the purchased e-book
6.1. After receiving the user’s payment by means of the service, the user will receive a message on the given e-mail address, with a coded link to the e-book, within 12 hours of the time of purchase.

7. Vivamax Ltd. liability
7.1. Before using a product presented on the portal, the user should get acquainted with the enclosed information leaflet or consult a doctor or a pharmacist.
7.2. The portal’s contents are prepared by professionals; however, they cannot be used for self-treatment and for making an independent decision on the choice of medication.
7.3. The information published on the portal is not to be considered medical advice. The contents published on the portal are exclusively informative and cannot be treated as specialist medical advice, a form of diagnosis or recommendations for treatment; they cannot be a substitute for a medical examination or professional medical advice. Each time, before taking any medication or before starting a new treatment or therapy, one should consult a doctor or a pharmacist.
7.4. The information published on the portal, related to the particular products, examinations, treatments, doctors or opinions and any other data, are not the recommendations of Vivamax Ltd. The user following only the information found on the portal, acts at their own risk.
7.5. Vivamax Ltd. is not liable for the user’s copying and unauthorised usage of the published works, as well as the contents of users’ comments and statements published on forums.
7.6. Vivamax Ltd. reserves the right to temporarily restrict access to the portal’s functionality, completely or partially, without informing the user. A lack of access or the temporary restriction of access to the portal cannot be the basis for lodging a complaint by the user against Vivamax Ltd.
7.7. Users are forbidden to publish any pieces of information or content that could infringe the rights of others on the portal. Vivamax Ltd. has the right to save, copy, process, publish, edit, translate, make available and present information or contents by means of any media, completely or partially, in any form and frequency, in case of conveying any information or contents by the user. Publishing the statements, comments, opinions about the products and any other activity of the user does not bring any claims on their side against Vivamax Ltd., including payment for provided services or the copyrights.
7.8. It is forbidden to publish on the portal:
a) materials (texts, pictures, graphics, videos and others) that infringe the intellectual property rights of others, their privacy or the protection of image rights, national law or international law,
b) materials calling upon racial or religious segregation,
c) illegal, obscene, pornographic, aggressive, offensive, discrediting content,
d) advertisements or other materials, related to customer acquisition,
e) so called "chain-letters" or materials promoting criminal and illegal activity,
f) SPAM, viruses or malicious computer codes.
7.9. In order to ensure the safety of the portal’s users, Vivamax Ltd. reserves the right to take any actions regarded as appropriate, especially to remove content and material that it finds to be illegal or unlawful. The portal can contain the links to other websites. Vivamax Ltd. is not liable for the safety of the user’s personal data on the displayed websites, for the functioning of these websites, for their contents and the possible damage that can be done in relation to the use of those websites.

8. Copyrights
8.1. The contents and databases shared on the portal are copyrighted by Vivamax Ltd. or its licensors.
8.2. Vivamax Ltd. gives consent for the users to view the contents and materials published on the portal, as well to copy the contents and materials for their own use only. It is forbidden to copy or transmit a part or the entirety of the portal, going beyond the regular use of the portal, without the written permission of Vivamax Ltd.
8.3. The user declares that he has all the rights, including copyrights, to the materials they publish and share on the portal with other users. Other users are forbidden to copy or transmit a part or the entirety of the materials shared by another user, without their written consent.

9. Final provisions:
9.1. In cases that are not regulated by this regulation, the proper rules of the Civil Code, the act on providing e-services and other proper rules of Polish law are applicable.
9.2. Vivamax Ltd. reserves the right to change the regulation. The changed regulation is valid from the day of publication on the portal. The changes are not applicable to the agreements that were entered into before announcing the regulation changes.


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