Obstructive or viral bronchitis

Obstructive or viral bronchitis

Małgorzata Kruk (MPharm)

 Bronchitis is a disease of the lower respiratory tract, most often caused by viruses. As a result of a viral infection, the cilium epithelium lining the respiratory tracts becomes damaged. This increases the risk of a bacterial superinfection, the development of the condition and may lead to complications.

Bronchitis is sometimes caused by factors other than viruses or bacteria. Tobacco smoke, obstructive pulmonary disease, allergy or asthma can also cause an inflammatory condition of the bronchi.

In the case of viral bronchitis, a typical symptom is a cough – initially dry and then wet, along with expectorating or coughing up secretion or phlegm. If bronchitis is properly treated – the cough usually subsides within approx. 2 weeks and one can say that the disease is fully cured.

Obstructive bronchitis is characterised by the presence of a cough for more than 2 weeks, with clear periods of illness aggravation and improvement. The sick person, apart from "wheezing" when breathing, clearly feels shortness of breath, finds it difficult to take a full breath due to a narrowing of the respiratory tract. Obstructive bronchitis often affects people suffering from allergies and the treatment consists, among others, of taking inhalation medication (also steroids) which widen the bronchi and facilitate breathing.

Remember, if you or your baby have bronchitis which recurs and shortness of breath is clearly noticeable – this is a clear sign to have specialised tests performed, in particular with regard to allergies.

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