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How we calculate the cost of doses

Daily cost of a particular medication is given in two variants.

1. ACTIVE INGREDIENT DOSE – the cost of an active ingredient dose (e.g. 375 mg of magnesium). In the case of food supplements, active ingredient dose is equal to the European Recommended Daily Intake. In the case of medication, active ingredient dose is approximate to the substance daily dose (e.g. 100 mg of acetylsalicylic acid). The active ingredient used to calculate the cost of a particular medication and its dose are given underneath the cost calculation (e.g. 375mg of magnesium).

In case of products, containing many ingredients, in which there is no main ingredient, we do not make the cost calculation of an active ingredient dose. In such cases it is worth checking the dose cost according to a producer’s daily dosage, in the next column on the right.

2. DOSE RECOMMENDED BY THE PRODUCER – this is the daily cost of a given medication, considering the minimum (min dose) and maximum (max dose) dose of the medication, according to the producer (e.g. minimum dose is 1 tablet a day, maximum – 3 tablets a day). You should consider the fact that producers of food supplements have considerable freedom in recommending a daily dose and not all of them declare the same number of tablets or active ingredient a day.

We recommend sorting the products according to the lowest active ingredient dose cost first and only if no data is available, sorting the results according to a minimum or maximum dose as recommended by the producer.

Treatment cost calculation based only on the product price, does not provide us with full information. The package size (e.g. number of pills) and the ingredient content (e.g. 40mg or 300mg of magnesium in 1 tablet in different products) can vary significantly between products.


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