Lung diseases - are you in the risk group

Lung diseases - are you in the risk group

Małgorzata Kruk (MPharm)

An increasing number of people suffer from diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract. It would seem that air pollution, as well as constant contact with allergens (which we have very little influence on) are the most frequent causes of lung diseases. In fact, there are many factors which predispose you to developing lung disease and many of these can be reduced or eliminated from your life to protect you from lung disease. Check if you are in the risk group.
You can be in the high risk group if you:
smoke cigarettes or you are exposed to cigarette smoke (being a so-called passive smoker),
abuse alcohol,
suffer from malnutrition,
are a HIV carrier,
suffer from a chronic disease (e.g. diabetes),
take specific medication (especially glyco-corticosteroids, chemotherapeutics) or are exposed to radiotherapy,
suffer from recurrent infections of the upper respiratory tract.
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