Effective treatment for bronchitis

Effective treatment for bronchitis

Małgorzata Kruk (MPharm)

 When you suspect you or your relatives may have bronchitis, it is extremely important to consult a physician who will diagnose the disease and order proper treatment.

Remember that effective treatment of bronchitis requires a lot of self-discipline in taking medications. Therefore:
Use medications according to the physician's recommendation
Do not shorten the course of treatment; do not stop using the prescribed antibiotic as soon as you feel better. Remember that the appropriate duration of treatment ensures not only a quick return to health, but also prevents relapses of the disease and resultant complications.
Use probiotics
If you use antibiotics, take care about the bacterial flora of your body. Use probiotics which contain so-called "good bacteria" living the gastrointestinal tract. Thanks to probiotics, you can protect yourself against disorders of the gastrointestinal tract such as diarrhoea.
Use expectorant medications properly
Expectorant medications play an extremely important role when treating bronchitis because they dilute the thick secretion and phlegm which lingers in the respiratory tract and facilitate its removal. They also prevent secondary bacterial infections and the progression of the disease. When you use expectorant medications for a wet cough, remember to take them no later than 5 p.m., several hours before you go to sleep. As a result, you will protect yourself against an intensive cough during the night. Remember to drink at least 2 litres of liquids daily. Such an amount of liquid is necessary for the medications which dilute the bronchial secretion to work in an optimum manner. Even the most effective medication will not dilute the bronchial secretion without the proper level of fluids in the organism.
Ensure a proper diet
Diet also plays an important role in treating bronchitis. The diet should be both light and rich in vegetables and fruit which are a valuable source of easily digestible vitamins and minerals. If the physician has prescribed an antibiotic, eat yoghurt which is full of "good" probiotic bacteria.
Humidify the air
Proper humidification of the air is a necessary condition for effective treatment of bronchitis. Proper air humidity protects the respiratory tracts against irritation and the drying up of lingering secretion. It also facilitates breathing and helps you sleep peacefully throughout the night. In order to humidify the air in your home you can use a humidifier or place a bowl of water near a warm radiator.

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