Acute and chronic bronchitis - effective prevention

Acute and chronic bronchitis - effective prevention

Małgorzata Kruk (MPharm)

 Acute and chronic bronchitis are serious diseases of the lower respiratory tract, requiring proper treatment. They mainly differ in the duration of the symptoms, partially in the treatment method but the prevention of these diseases is very similar.

If you want to effectively protect yourself against bronchitis, you should:
stop smoking, also try to avoid passive smoking– smoking increases the risk of bronchitis,
effectively treat the symptoms of even a regular common cold – a seemingly harmless infection of the upper respiratory tract (cough, rhinitis, sore throat), when not fully treated may result in bronchitis,
avoid contact with smoke, dust,
if possible, avoid staying among large groups of people in seasons of increased incidence,
wash your hands regularly,
make sure you get enough sleep, a balanced diet and do regular exercise outdoors – to strengthen the body’s resistance.

Remember that effective prevention, both of acute and chronic bronchitis, is extremely important due to the risk of serious complications associated with these diseases.

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