Streptococcus and viral tonsillitis - typical symptoms

Streptococcus and viral tonsillitis - typical symptoms

Małgorzata Kruk (MPharm)

 Tonsillitis, i.e. an inflammation of the tonsils, is an acute throat infection caused mainly by pathogenic bacteria – streptococcus and significantly less frequently by viruses (rhinoviruses, adenoviruses). Tonsillitis usually attacks children and teenagers, especially during periods of reduced body immunity.

In its course, tonsillitis is similar to a typical common cold but some characteristic symptoms allow us to distinguish it from autumnal viral infection of the upper respiratory tract.

Typical symptoms accompanying bacterial tonsillitis (streptococcus) include:
severe sore throat, radiating towards the ears and neck,
throat pain when swallowing,
fever (even up to 39°C),
swollen cervical lymph nodes,
redness of tonsils, sometimes also white patches,
change of voice tone, pain when speaking,
bad breath.
Main symptoms of viral tonsillitis are:
conjunctivitis, bloodshot eyes,
congestion of the palate mucous membrane,
acute rhinitis,
inflammation of the larynx and trachea (sore throat, hoarseness),
lack of white patches on the tonsils.

Just like during common colds, bacterial and viral angina may be accompanied by: lowered immunity of the body, extreme weakness, drowsiness and loss of appetite.

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